Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paper Dolls for Ellie


My friend's daughter turns three in a couple of weeks and when I saw this post with a set of magnetic paper dolls I knew I had to make Ellie some.

Instead of magnetic sheets, I just printed the doll and clothing on cardstock and then laminated them between contact paper. I then put small velco squares on her tummy and on the backs of the clothing which worked out okay except for the fact that the dresses sit up off of her body due to the thickness of the velcro. Hopefully it won't matter to a 3 year old. I made the little tote bag to hold all the pieces.

The tote is made from a thrifted toddler dress that I've had lying around for years. Of course, when I was 99.5% done (only had to box the corners) I realized I had sewn the two sides together right-side to wrong-side. Because I had also serged the raw edges of the seams, I had to use my rotary cutter to cut off the edges so that I could rectify the error. Whoops!

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  1. How cute, love the tote too! Thanks for the link.