Saturday, February 27, 2010

More bread, mice, emergency repairs and scary pants.


This is my third loaf of Alicia's Oatmeal bread. I enjoyed the last loaf for breakfast each day by toasting a couple of slices and smearing on some cream cheese. It was a comforting way to start off my crack-of-dawn workday.


I had time to felt a couple of sweaters and make these mice (Betz White's mice were the inspiration). I haven't quite finished these. I tried to embroider a satin-stitch nose but failed twice. Then I sewed on the button you see here and I don't like it. So I ran to Michael's and bought some tiny pom-poms and I'm hoping those work out better.


I had to do an emergency repair on TeeTee, my 6 year old's lovey. TeeTee's satin hands are rubbed through and the stuffing from his arms has fallen out but I think that part is beyond repair. Today his left eye fell off so I had to whip out the glue gun. I hope it holds!

Finally, I took that vintage sheet I found two weeks ago and made these Don't get out of bed pants but they are so obnoxious and bright that I am embarassed to post a picture. I want to find a more feminine sheet with the lace detail like the original post because they were so easy to make and are really comfortable to wear.

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  1. That's pretty funny. I made some PJ pants awhile back and they were really comfortable but I looked horrible in them! Needless to say I didn't post that photo either!!