Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Toy Society Christmas Drop

Jack and I dropped two toys for this year's Toy Society Christmas drop. Both were made using Chez Beeper Bebe's tutorial, found here. I made the rabbit last night and it truly comes together in under an hour.



It was fun to have a helper this time though he was nervous about getting caught. When we were tying the toy to Sacajawea's foot, Jack got excited when he saw a policeman turing our way. He just waved to us as he drove by. On the way to the next drop site, we saw a bald eagle sitting high up in a tree looking over the Columbia River. Very cool!


No one saw us place the kitty on the Veterans Memorial. Hopefully, both toys will be found soon.



  1. Very thoughtful....I love that you saw a bald eagle and got a picture.

  2. Thanks Jolly! It is quite fun to do the toy drops. And, yes, we felt very lucky to spy that eagle.

  3. Ok, everytime I try to go to the toy drop site it gets blocked and says its porn!!! What is the toy sociaty drop?

    I've seen bald eagles a few times too, arent they awesome? One of the perks of living in the NW!