Saturday, January 2, 2010

French Press Slippers

I knitted these French Press Felted Slippers (Ravelry link) for sweet Amy for Christmas.


I have another pair knitted but not seamed or felted. I agree with all the other Ravelry folks that they are a super fast knit (even for a slooowww knitter like me) and I think the outcome is quite cute.

And check out this cowl pattern by the same designer of the slippers - I love how chunky it is and the button detail. I think I may knit one for myself!


  1. Cute slippers! I am in a grey mood these days, I love anything charcoal...

  2. I'm impressed! And they look so comfy!

  3. I think these slippers are adorable. And don't worry about being a slow knitter (I can't knit at all), so I'm impressed!

  4. I love them!!! thank you, Rose!!!
    I am a lucky dog!!!

  5. Wow! You made those? Really?? They're super cute and look so comfy!