Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm a Slacker

Well, it's obvious that I am a blog slacker. Over 2 months since my first ever blog pictures to show you what has been going on but if your interested in a few tidbits, keep on reading!

I could have posted about this lemon blueberry buckle I made and told you all (is anyone reading this, anyway?) how absolutely wonderful it was. But I never took a picture of it so I felt like I shouldn't blog about it without a picture. I will say that if you get the chance, you absolutely should make it. It is sweet and tart, moist and dense. Just wonderful.

I also made this awesome apple crumble cake with some granny smith apples a co-worker gave to me that were straight from the orchard. This is another one that you (anyone there?) people should make. Easy, moist, tart and good right out of the oven or at room temp. And I need to give a shout out to Posie and her Sour Cream Apple Pie. I made two or more last fall and wolfed them down. I am not really a pie person but this I loved. Tart (I'm on a tart kick, I guess) and creamy from the apples and sour cream. And super easy to make if you use a store-bought pie crust (like lazy ol' me).

Finally, I got around to making another toy for the Toy Society. I did manage to take pictures of the toy and the drop, as seen below. Hallelujah. The pattern is super quick and fun to make with scraps. I changed the face, as you can see from the original. I thought I wanted something more delicate but I didn't quite get the impact that the other face makes. Oh well, hopefully someone will love it. The toy was dropped in the vegetable garden at the Kennewick Grange Park on the gourd teepee. We're having one of our lovely wind storms, so hopefully the gourd vines will shelter it until someone finds it.




  1. Adorable ~ I can't wait to get into my studio and make some toys to drop! We are traveling from Ocean Shores (WA) to Minnesota in a couple of weeks...I thought wouldn't it be fun to drop some at rest stops along the way? :)

  2. rose? the rose?! found your blog from amy's and hope you don't mind that i jumped over.
    you'll have to be my friend now that i officially don't have any left in this town. =)
    love, lindsay
    p.s. thanks to you, my little lucas is sportin' some super stylin' leather boden hightops this fall. thanks!

  3. How cute! I'm going to have to try a toy drop. This is an awesome idea.

    Wanted to let you know that I have a giveaway on my site. Just click on the giveaway picture on one of the right sidebars.

  4. I've read about the famous sour cream apple pie on the Posie blog but have never tried it. Sounds like its worth it! And I keep trying to click on the Toy Society link but my program that keeps my computer kid friendly won't let me click on it! Do you believe it? :)

  5. Hi Run Lori Run - The sour cream apple pie is really, really good. You must try it! Weird that your kid internet filter doesn't allow the Toy Society - you'll have to temporarily disable it to check out all the drops. There are some cute ones up now.